“Favorite Room” Portrait

Assignment: Take some sort of portable lighting and photograph someone in their favorite room.


  1. I caught my brother while he was in the middle of a project, which was great because it meant all that dirt and sawdust was authentic…but it also meant he was itching to continue working on his project (which resulted in a lot of blurry pictures). “It was like you had taken a man who had been stranded in a desert for days,” he said, “and put him right in front of a glass of water he couldn’t have.” Regardless, he was extremely patient, and let me pretend like I knew what I was doing for a good hour and a half.
  2. The lighting was a bit tricky for three reasons: (a) I don’t own any fancy lighting equipment (b) the location was either too dim or too bright and (c) my brother’s skin tone blended right into the walls. My solution was to sit my brother in a corner so that the two windows created a hair light that pulled him out from the background. Then, I dug up a rusted light stand and used that to fill in the rest of the light.

The Picture: I ultimately chose this picture because, out of my favorites, it showed the room the most.

Marty Portrait

Runner-ups: And here are some that I liked…


Behind the Scenes Setup: 



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