Assignment: There were two options: either shoot a series of five black-and-white “deadpan” shots, or take a panoramic shot with at least six images stitched together.


  1. So, I shot a couple of slightly-overexposed panoramics, which I attached below. However, I just wasn’t feeling it…so I last-minute decided to try out the whole “deadpan” assignment.
  2. The deadpan aesthetic intrigued me because of how emotional an emotionless picture can be. But….I really struggled in executing it. First of all, I couldn’t seem to get the “flat and detached” idea through my brain. I also kept gravitating towards more exciting subjects, which definitely fell out of the “mundane” category.
  3. I drove aimlessly around town, looking for things to photograph. I definitely did not have a plan. Well, my plan was to not have a plan. So I guess I did have a plan. Anyway, this worked out in my favor in some ways, such as leading me to find unexpected subjects. But it also resulted in an eclectic mix of photographs that didn’t speak to me. They weren’t thematically coherent. My solution was to go out a second time — this time with a theme in mind.
  4. My first theme was “suspension”,  so I looked for things that were strung across two poles: power lines, laundry lines, bridges, etc. Over the course of the shoot, however, this evolved into a broader category. I found a lot of stark, cold structures in the middle of pleasant vegetation (such as parks and rolling fields). Rather than contrasting the two with each other, I chose to completely isolate the structures, thus playing into the “deadpan” vibe. I wanted them to feel like they belonged to a different environment than the one I found them in.


The Panoramics


The Final Pictures (Deadpan)

These were ultimately the pictures I decided to submit as my finals.

(Also, I didn’t realize this until after I went through the pictures, but the power plant picture kind of looks like the skeleton of the sugar factory picture…)




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