The Lost World

While brainstorming possible places to go for this assignment, I remembered a particular hunting trip a few years ago, when my dad and I drove over the side of mountain and came across an old mining settlement. It made such an impression on me at the time that I decided it would be worth the drive to Mackay to check it out again–partly for pictures, partly because I was sick of homework and just wanted to go adventuring.

And I wasn’t disappointed. There was so much more there than I had expected, spread out all over the hills and into the mountains. Old mining buildings, an old wooden tramway system, cabins…it had it all.


  1. A lot of the structures were so aged and skeletal that they didn’t stand out against the hills and trees behind them. So, as you can see in the pictures, I frequently chose a lower perspective so that the buildings would stand out against the sky (which, luckily, was moody and had some texture.)
  2. I didn’t bring gloves because I’m apparently in denial that it’s November already, so my hands kept getting cold and stiff. Although…in a way I think this actually benefited me, because I had such a small amount of time to take pictures that I took them a little more carefully.
  3. The main structure spooked me out a little bit because its big metal panels would swing and creak in the wind, usually after a long quiet pause.

So, here they are!



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