An Alluring Aroma

Assignment: This assignment called for a still life of a perfume bottle that could theoretically be used as a full-page magazine ad.


  1. I really wanted to start this project with a plan for a change, but that didn’t happen. (Finals *cough, cough*.) Luckily, I found some fluffy pink fabric stuff at a thrift store. That, plus the fact that I knew I wanted the lighting to match the aroma of the perfume, at least gave me a good place to start.
  2. The perfume bottle I was using was only half full, so I figured laying it on its back would help create the illusion that it was full.
  3. I spent a lot of time wrangling with my super fancy-schmancy lights (aka, two desk lamps and a string of Christmas lights). It looked pretty lame at first. But THEN I put one of the desk lamps under the fabric and the perfume bottle, and I got really excited because it looked like the perfume bottle was glowing. So I ditched the Christmas lights and messed around with the two desk lamps until I had the lighting where I wanted it.
  4. The desk lamp shining from above was too harsh at first, so I taped a paper towel over it to diffuse the light. I just had to make sure I didn’t leave the light on for too long so it didn’t burn my house down.

Here are my two favorites:


And here’s my oh-so-beautiful set-up:



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